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Toyota has finally released their much anticipated I Road electric vehicle, and the price is sure to turn heads. For just $2,500, you can own this innovative new car! The I Road has already been a huge hit in Europe, and now it’s coming to North America. This tiny electric car is perfect for city driving, and it’s sure to revolutionize the way we think about transportation.

Toyota I Road
Toyota I Road

Toyota I Road Price:

The i-Road is a three wheeled, two seat vehicle that can be used as both an electric car or motorbike. It has the same steering capabilities of any other modern day automotive device with seats for driver and pillion rider alike! The only difference between this ride on earthlier/ATOR -which means “three cylinder” in Greek-, others like motorcycles are how it handles when going around corners: because you don’t need to hold onto anything but just lean slightly into each turn while steering at all times through laws of physics instead; making these speedy little vehicles perfect not just in cities where space may be an issue but on those long open highways.

Finally, after years of experimentation and development the i-road has become a reality. Toyota’s quest for urban mobility began with their initial unit which evolved into three concepts: Theswing then became two divisions; finally there was realization that whatever they were calling it still didn’t sound enough like what people expected from this technology so now we have “i Road”.

The I- Road is a tricycle, so it doesn’t need to be registered as a motorcycle, and can be driven without a license in some countries. In Japan, you need at least a moped license to ride one. The top speed is 37 mph (60 km/h), and it has a range of 31 miles (50 km) on a full charge.

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Model :

Toyota’s i-Road is the world’s first electric car with doors that don’t contain any airbags. The width of this vehicle falls below 3 feet wide, making it one of most compact models on sale today! It also measures just over 7 ft long when fully assembled – not including its epic wings or enormous tires (which both measure around 8 inches). With 31 miles per charge you’ll be able to travel up till your office building then come right back home without ever having bothering recharge batteries during commute times

If you’re in the market for an all-inclusive, everything car – look no further than Toyota’s i-Road. It might be smaller than your typical family vehicle but its practicality makes up for it with ease! The design is sleek and modern while still maintaining ancient classic qualities like leaning against a wall or sitting down next time someone tells me “no” when they see my phone screen light up during traffic stop negotiations (don’t judge). And don’t forget about those safety features: closed glasshouse protecting occupants from sun damage; seat belt worn by front passenger who will also enjoy 3 doors.

The i-Road’s steering is designed to be responsive at low speeds but still allow for sharp turns. To do this, it has an ECU that decides how much lean the vehicle should have in certain conditions and when you press on your brakes or shift gears -this causes feedback from these actuators so they can adjust accordingly.


The i-Road is a revolutionary two wheeled electric vehicle that uses the power of electricity to go up hills. The lithium ion battery powers both front wheels and has an increased top speed compared other similar vehicles at 60 kmph, making it much faster on flat terrain or when you need your transportation solution fastest! Plus with only one rear steerable wheel there are no worries about losing control because this makes sure all steering effort goes into moving forward rather than turning left/right which also helps reduce stability issues usually associated with these type.The Toyota i-Road is a car with great speed and safety features. It’s possible for two people to ride in this vehicle at one time, making it an ideal family transport option.The i-Road technology is not just about giving cornering sensations like on a motorcycle, it also ensures that you don’t fall. With only 5 HP but torque enough for everyday use with 300 kg or 661 pounds of weight!

The innovative design ensures maximum safety while still offering dynamic performance.

Drive Of Toyota I Road:

We’re in a garage at Fuji Speedway, lined with cones to make up for the track. And there’s our i-Road—the course is simple: just one tight right followed by another short straight into an flowing left chicane! All around us are other race cars doing their own thing out on this temporary road courses while we concentrate hard on getting through each turn safely without crashing.

The i-Road is a three wheeled electric car with simple controls. Pressing D sends it into forward motion, R backwards or until you need to stop and park (and if there’s enough room). This isn’t really innovative but gets the job done well enough for our needs! One thing worth mentioning about these little vehicles: they can take off pretty quickly when pressing down on your accelerator pedal – which makes driving an easy task even while still focusing other things like turning lanes etc.

The I-Road is an amazing bike for all sorts of reasons. It’s not only easy to ride, but also handles well and has strong brakes! The design makes it fun because you can adjust your lean angle which allows for more control in different situations – whether that means going fast or staying stopped on tight terrain.

The I-Road is an innovative and intelligent four wheel drive vehicle that features automated leaning. The only control you have over the lean system are via car style steering wheels, which should feel bizarre inspired car but surprisingly doesn’t deter from its functionality at all! In addition to this active trait of keeping yourself upright when navigating heavily cambered surfaces or steep gradients with no chance for error because it uses your legs as inspiration from downhill skiing techniques – so there’s absolutely nothing wrong about having fun off road while still being safe during playtime.

How Toyota I Road Works?

The integration and calibration of the steering system is superb – within moments you’re carving through traffic like an expert. Start to get carried away, however; tactile force feedback through your wheel suggests that it might be time for some self-control so as not ruin this amazing new ride! The I Road feels luxurious when compared with other motorcycles because its seats are much more comfortable or even comparable in terms of quality (depending upon who sells them) but at least they offer plenty space while traveling across country – something many cars cannot do justice.

Is It Worth Buying Toyota I Road?

I can’t help but think of the motorcycle when I see this car. The body is small and nimble, just like a bike would be on wheels! It’s great for getting through traffic jams because it has such an agile frame- even though you’re sitting in comfort behind glass with air conditioning or heating as needed by your moods.

The driver will feel very secure driving down any street thanks to how smooth everything moves–even around curves where most cars tend lose their footing due speed bumpy roads.

What is the most exciting feature of Toyota I Road?

The Toyota i-ROAD is an exciting vehicle to drive because of its Active Lean technology. This feature automatically balances the front tires on sharp corners, making it unnecessary for you keep worrying about keeping your car in check while driving around town or highways.

What is the Toyota I Road price?

The price for this amazing concept car is $14,000 in the United States or £10K GBP which will compete with other similar vehicles such as Renault Twizy at 7k USD ($9761),a three-wheeled Piaggio MP3 scooter priced around 6k British pound sterling (8366).


The new three-wheeler car from Toyota is here! The I 20 Roadster features an innovative design that makes it light enough to be driven on public roads. With its sleek shape and airy interior, this vehicle will revolutionize how we commute across town or countrywide – if you’re lucky enough get your hands (or feet) on one in time before they run out.

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