Nissan Scoot Electric Scooter Car – Is It Still Available?

Nissan Scoot Electric Car is all over the internet because it was thought that it was going to be just $179. People were thinking that with this cheap electric scooter car they won’t have to bother about the gas and engine maintenance. Nissan Scoot was made by the San Francisco-based electric scooter company “Scoot” due to its fame soon the Nissan is teamed up with the company.

The Nissan scoot electric car was a 2 seater 4 wheeled ride. You might have seen it working on the streets of San Francisco. Nissan Scoot was also enabling people to rent out these little cute scooter cars to go to anywhere they like in the city. Do you know this cheap electric scooter car is also known as scoot quad.

This Electric car runs totally on the electricity and you can also integrate it with your smartphones. Unfortunately, it was disconnected because it was crossing the speed limit set by court.

So, The Scoot electric car $179 is just an experimental quad for both the scoot company as well as the Nissan company. 

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Nissan Scoot Electric Car – Scooter Rental

Nissan Scooter Car

Nissan was turning towards the electric vehicle market because the next era is of electric cars. Nissan introduced the first electric car in the 2010 named as Nissan leaf and Nissan was working with the scoot to revolutionize the electric transportation especially in the metropolitan areas.

After the first experiment the scoot electric car was modified and a good news for the lovers of the scoot was that, the scoot electric cat $179 was equipped with extra back storage to let you place more groceries in the back.

The Nissan scoot electric cars $179 was so adorable and compact that due to its compact design you were able to easily find the parking spot. 

Nissan Scoot Electric Car Review

Nissan Scoot Electric Car $179

In the 2012 one-plus-one Twizy was made and sold by the oversea markets but the concept of this car is new in the United States. The Nissan has noticed this and it made changes to the Twizy to enable it to lie on the new mobility concept.

Unfortunately, the shape, rear profile of top hat is same as the quad. The motor is 13-Kilowatt and it can produce 17 horsepower of energy to the rear wheels with a single speed automatic transmission. The charging time of is about 4 hours with level 2 charger.

This specification has made this cheap electric car to use the scoot’s network of stations around the city. The scoot electric car can speed up to 50 miles per hour. Unfortunately, due to law requirements the Nissan has installed a governor to lower the speed to 25mph.

Because of the law, the new scoot members have to pass the training as well as exam to start the service. So, you need to spend 35 minutes to know the information from the scoot app and if you are a new member you also need to watch the 20 minutes of video to easy understand about the scoot quad driver.

The Nissan Scoot electric car is not like Smart Fortwo car it has a little space inside. The instruments and the driving position are narrow and economy plus width side for the driver’s seat. The covers of the seat as well as other things are made with plastic. You can also notice the Scoot lightning bolt Renault logo on the Steering wheel.

There is also a speedometer and a charge level indicator. However, these indicators are little and it is difficult to read them. Fortunately, there is a unique windshield that can hold the smartphone and it can also allow the user to enable the GPS.

Due to the limit imposed by the government the quad can reach the driving speed in quite a time. The user of the scoot complains that they have to push the accelerator all the time because of the slow speed.

Despite having a power steering the quad has excellent agile and it can perform impressive turning of circle. Quad is also not Ariel Atom and you should not compare it with other vehicles. The horn is also powerful and you can tell other about your existence because of the horn.

Despite the small size the quad is now prohibited for using in the San Francisco bike lane. They are also leaving the city limits set by the scoot’s rules. The routes of the city are also having varying in the elevation and depressions.

The testing of the vehicles enables the company to know that they can recapture the energy when the quad is going to the downhill by making use of regenerative breaks. Going uphill is another thing to consider because too many elevations can affect the Quad’s range and it might also make quad difficult to run.

Although there are many hurdles to overcome to present the rental car to the road but people are excited to this concept of transportation.

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Nissan Scooter Car $179

Nissan Scooter Car FAQs

How Much Is A Scoot car?

Just like the rechargeable scooters you see in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC. Nissan Scoot Electric Car was introduced. Some people thought it was $179 but it was just like scooters. It was to be rented not to be bought. Unfortunately, due to the Act of road traffic states the scooter car failed to abide by the law.

Why The Vehicle Failed To Abide By the Law?

The Act of road traffic states that the vehicles under the class 1 motorized 4 wheeled bicycle are required to have output of 0.6KW or less for single seater. However, this model has rated output of 8KW with double seater.

Where Can I Buy Nissan Scoot Electric Car $179?

The Nissan scoot electric car $179 is not for sale for now. The current road trucking law has put a ban on this vehicle from running on the public roads. However, the tests are being conducted with the permission of the MLIT. This can help the vehicle to overcome the obstacles faced in his way. It is not said when the vehicle will be available for rent or for sale.

Is Nissan Scooter Car Still Available?

No, it was disconnected due to the law regarding its speed. As it's a scooter car it has limited speed which was not followed by the Nissan Scooter Car which lead court remove it from the street.

What is the Vehicle’s minimum Turning Radius?

The Nissan scoot electric car has radius of 3.4 meters

Do I need license To Drive Scooter Car?

No, you don't need a license to drive the car, but the federal law requires all electric vehicle drivers must be over 14 years old and they may not drive faster than 15 miles per hour. They also require that you're 16 and older if the scooter top speed is greater than 20 mph. However, you cannot drive scooter car on the road ways which are equipped with vehicle traffic. You should check the local law to see if you are allowed to drive the scooter car.

How many people can ride in Nissan scooter car?

Nissan scoot can accommodate 2 adults, but the backseats are not foldable.

Does the Vehicle Come with the Door or Windows?

It does not come with window you will are presented with the cabin that is not completely closed.

Is Nissan Scoot Quad For Sale?

No, this is just a concept. It would be great if Nissan will introduce this car for an affordable price. They are already working on it but there is no official statement from the company about releasing this car in near future.

Does Nissan Scoot Electric Car Have A Roof?

Well, that's not certain yet, but I'm pretty sure you can buy or modify it yourself if you really like the design of Nissan scoot electric car, and you don't need roof to drive in your hometown areas. But for people who live in places where they get snow, rain etc., would like to have one with roof anyway (you can also build your own). You'll see some pictures of Nissan scoot with different types of roofs in the beginning of this article.

How much is the scoot cart?

When scooter car was introduced it cost around $8 per half-hour or $80 per day to rent it. This car was to replace the rechargeable scooters. It was not to be purchased in $179.

Do I need to pay for the electricity in order to drive Nissan's Scoot car?

No, you just pay the rent of the car and company gives rewards to those who charge the Nissan scooter car just like declarable scooters.

Can You Park the car in the coin operated car parking or in multi-story parking or any other metered parking lot?

The cheap electric car is ban for now on but it is said that it can be parked in these places. Trails are also being conducted to make it best for driving, parking, charging and for other purposes.

When Nissan Is launching Electric Scooter Car?

There is no information regarding that yet, stay tuned to for latest updates on Nissan Scooter Car.

What is difference between Nissan scooter car and rechargeable scooter?

Nissan scooter car was a car having seats for 2 persons while reparable scooters are scooters driven by a single person.

Scooter Car Conclusion

The new concept of transportation has brought new cars to go the road. The rental cars are compact and they are providing an easy way of transportation. However, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with the Nissan Scoot Electric Cat $179.

The Nissan is testing this vehicle and after making it best for the road it can be presented to the market where customers’ can have the car. Only 10 cars came to the market but due to its ability to generate extra power they were cut off from the road.

Nobody knows when it will be presented to the general public but when it will be presented to the public it will be new and improved.

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